10 Apr

I figured for my first post I should tell everyone a little bit about myself.  I’ll be 19 in 2 days, many people saw me as the athletic, friendly, and the kid with the good easy life.  They didn’t see what I did on the weekends for my grandparents building fences, and other manual labor jobs.  I think that those jobs helped me grow into the person I am today, never giving up when I am tired and sore, I like to push myself while working and I feel like I need to get everything done now so I can do what I want later.  I’m an avid coyote, deer, turkey and bird hunter and I’m an outdoor enthusiast.  Hunting is more than a hobby it also gives me a release from society and lets me experience what my ancestors did on the Great Plains.  I love to go off roading with my friends riding ATV’s and going to the sand dunes and meeting people who love to do the same thing as us.  My family has given me so much throughout my life they have supported me through every decision good and bad, they are my backbone in life and wouldn’t change them for anything even my sister.

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